The City of Consuming

The City of Consuming is an imaginary city inspired by Los Angeles where consumption takes place every second and everywhere. We as residents are consuming the city: air, space, infrastructure, products, food, fashion... while we are consumed by the city as well: time, youth, energy, emotions...

Consuming very much relies on the visuals. Inspired by the documentation and observation of my many field research, this project explores different aspects of stimulation to our consuming consciousness. While the audio element is amplified, the visuals are largely eliminated from the context.

By providing an immersive sonic environment, The City of Consuming here begins to ask questions. Are we being consumed when we are consuming? What are we consumed of? Are we consuming what we think we are consuming? And the essential question is: How conscious are we of our consuming situation?

Documentation Strategy

Audio recording, video recording, pictures, map/spatial sketches, note-taking, material collecting (printed maps, small items for sale, etc.)

Field Research

This project is intended to explore the consciousness of our consuming relationship with the city. To achieve this goal, the first thing is to explore and push the boundary of the definition of "consuming", and to extrude on the original meaning.

I selected locations that are both conventionally thought of as "consuming locations" where money exchange for services and goods, as well as locations that are more controversial to be included, such as DMV, gym, animal adoption center.

Creative Experiment


Experiment with media material collected from field research.

One creative direction I oriented to is to isolate humans from the environment which they consume in. 

Taking the consuming behavior out of context, some humans start to look absurd. How does this change the way we perceive concept of consumption and the goods that we consume?


Finding relations between environments, humans, objects.

Creative exploration and making sense of human’s consciousness during consuming behaviour.


Taking feedbacks and reflections from the first iteration and going from 2D illustrations to 3D sonic/visual environment building.

Visual form exploration.

Visual Exploration 1

Visual Exploration 2

Visual Exploration 3

Making Process

Speculative Worldbuilding. Design Research.
#Unity3D #WebVR
Project Duration: 5 weeks