Redesign Kitchen

This project reinvents the way kitchens are designed and organized based on motion captured data of human performance in an existing kitchen space.

Having identified the problem using Motion Capture technology, we propose kitchen designs that optimize the efficiency of time and human movements.

Menu Design

Mushroom Tofu Soup
water, soup pot with lid, mushroom, tofu, salty egg(cooked)

Boba Tea
Thai tea, Uncooked boba, Water, Milk, Sugar

Raw dough, Marinara Sauce, Bell Peppers, Zucchini

Tomato Scramble Egg
Tomato, Eggs, Water, Salt, Black Pepper

Motion Capture

Perform the cooking actions with the Perception Neuron suit.

Motion Studies

Mushroom Tofu Soup
Storing 0.8L water in a pot
Lighting the stove to boil water
Cutting mushroom into small cubes, storing in a bowl
Cutting tofu into small cubes, storing in a plate
Pouring the mushroom and tofu into boiled water
Peeling a salty egg
Smashing the salty egg
Adding the smashed egg into the boiling soup
Waiting for the soup to cook for 15 mins
Tasting the flavor
Adding seasoning to it if needed

Tomato Scramble Egg
Pouring water into one large pot
Lighting the stove to boil water
Puting a tomato in the pot
Waiting for 3 mins for the tomato to cook
Taking the tomato out of the pot
Cracking eggs into a bowl
Adding salt and pepper into the bowl
Stir the eggs until they blend
Pouring oil in a frying pan
Waiting for the oil to heat
Pouring the egg blend into the pan
Stirring until the egg is nearly set
Adding in the boiled tomato
Stirring the tomato and egg until they are mixed
Adding salt and pepper if desired
Turning on the oven to preheat
Pounding dough with fists over cellophane covering
Tossing the dough in the air to spread out the dough
Spreading marinara sauce over the dough with a spoon
Chopping zucchini and bell peppers
Adding the chopped zucchini and bell pepper to pizza
Pulling cheese out of the packet
Toss the cheese on top of the entire pizza
Putting the pizza in the oven
Waiting for 20 mins for the pizza to bake
Taking the pizza out of the oven
Slicing the pizza with a pizza wheel

Boba Tea
Pouring water into one large pot
Pouring water into one small pot
Adding boba into the small pot
Lighting the stove to boil water in both pots
Adding Thai tea into the large pot
Tuning down the fire for the small pot
Waiting for a few  minutes
Turn off the stove
Draining the boba using a filter
Soaking boba into cold water for a few seconds
Adding sugar to boba
Stirring the boba until sugar is absorbed
Adding boba, tea, and milk into a cup

Tracing the actions, individually and collectively, using Unity 3D.

Problem Identification



Wasted time.
Each cooking performers spent more than 10 mins waiting in the kitchen during the food preparation, for the water to boil, for the stove to heat, or for the food to be cooked. Some time was purely wasted.

Inefficient movements.
The time-lapse motion capture is an accumulation of movement in space over time. The motion track shows a lot of back and forth movements of the performers, fetching tools or food from different locations of the kitchen. Meanwhile, not all space of the kitchen is utilized equally and efficiently. Some areas (stove, counter, sink) tends to be more active than the others (cabinet, fridge, trash bin).

Motion Capture, Human Factors, Speculative Design.
#PerceptionNeuron #Sketchup
Project Duration: 1 week
In collaboration with Anthony Espino, Ray Cao, Meredith Xu, Stella Huang.