Boland Park Spotlight

Boland Park Spotlight is an AI-generated narration of the events and anecdotes happening in the neighborhood. Captured by smart cameras installed or traveling in the neighborhood, the stories are live-streamed back to the community. At the same time, another layer of interpretation of the events is being made and delivered through newspaper, which targets at entertaining and informing the residents of this neighborhood with news that happen around them.

This project investigates the possibility of adapting AI entities into the storytelling network that shapes the community narrations. Existing in the neighborhood simulation, the smart cameras are essentially the combined role of journalists, photographers, and word spreaders, while the newspaper and live-stream being the simulation of the mass media accessible and ready to be consumed.

The misinterpretation, the exaggeration, and the intentional twist of truth are existence in the real world. Essentially, this project investigates the future  possibility of adapting AI into this well-established system and asks the questions of: How would AI change the landscape of truth-forming?

System Diagram

Neightborhood Simulation

Two Modalities of Truth-Forming


Live Stream.